The Gruffalo – Book Review

Fairuse_GruffaloA wonderful rhyming story about a clever mouse and a monster called Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. As the mouse walks through the forest, he meets a fox, a snake, and an owl who each, in turn, invite him ‘for a meal’ (to be their meal, that is). To scare them off, he invents a fantastic creature and names it Gruffalo and describes him so true, that all the animals believe him to be real. But the mouse is in for a surprise, as it turns out the Gruffalo does exist. And when he does meet this adorable monster with terrible tusks and turned out toes, the mouse once again uses his wits and manages to convince Gruffalo that he, the mouse, is the scariest creature in the wood and that he simply loves a Gruffalo crumble.

Ellie loves nursery rhymes and this book has a marvelous rhyme and rhythm. It’s fun to read out loud, especially if you change your voice to suit all the characters of the story and see that amazing baby smile appear on your little one’s face. After reading it for a zillionth time, I know the story by heart and it makes it a great distraction during long car rides (yes, our baby is not like most babies, she does not sleep in the car!) or when changing a nappy. I often go through a couple of lines, especially, ‘A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood…’ when we take Coco on a walk to a nature reserve and walk through the wooded areas.

We ended up buying the Gruffalo toy as well (they are expensive, as all toys are, but very worth the money!) and now, every time we read the story, we take the toy out. (It’s very funny when Ellie roars, holding the Gruffalo toy, as I tend to use a very hoarse kind of voice for Gruffalo lines.) In a toy store or in a bookshop you can easily find the toy versions of all the other characters (next one on our buy list is the mouse) and loads of other Gruffalo-related stuff.

There also is a TV adaptation of the book. I used the beautiful animation when teaching English to children (ages 5 to 9) and they absolutely loved it. Ellie is not so interested in the TV (yet…) so we stick with the book.

It’s a wonderful picture book. Definitely, a must have for any little person. Simply adorable!

5/5 stars


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