Fluffy Bunny Hat Tutorial

I know, I promised to post the snail and the whale toy tutorial (the toys are ready, need more time to sit down and write the step by step guide 🙂 ) but here is another hat tutorial!

This is the cutest hat ever! It’s my baby-bunny hat, so very soft and cuddly.


I used a whole ball of yarn for a hat for 6-9 month-old baby. It also depends on how long you want the ears to be so maybe you will need two balls of yarn. I chose a fluffy, soft baby yarn.


Make a beany!


For the right size measure the circumference of the baby’s head and divide it by 3,14, this will tell you the diameter of the ‘base pancake’ of the beany. Then just continue with the double stitches for the required length of the hat.

Now let’s make the ears:

Make the foundation chain of 4 loops.

[dc = double stitch, ch = chain stitch, add = 2 double stitches into the same loop]

1 row: 3 dc into the fourth loop, 3 ch to start the next row, turn

2 row: add (add one dc into the same loop of the 3 chain stitches – 3 chain stitches make up the first column of the row), 1 dc, add, 3 ch to start the next row, turn (5)

3 row: add, 3 dc, add, 3 ch to start the next row, turn (7)

4 row: add, 5 dc, add, 3 ch to start the next row, turn (9)

5 row: add, 7 dc, add, 3 ch to start the next row, turn (11)

6 row: add, 9 dc, add, 3 ch to start the next row, turn (13)

7 row: add, 11 dc, add, 3 ch to start the next row, turn (15)

8 row: add, 13 dc, add, 3 ch to start the next row, turn (17)

* continue without additions for the required length of the ear

Base of the ear:

When the ear is as long as you want it to be do a reduction (crochet two stitches into one) at the end of each row until you are left with 8 columns. Do another two rows of 8 stitches, this is the part that will be stitched to the hat and will hold the ear.

Stitch the ears onto the hat (measure the hat first and mark the place where you want the ears to be!).

Enjoy your new and awesome hat!

And as usual, here is Ellie posing in her new hat!

Now you can also order the hat in my Etsy store! 🙂


Glow Sticks!

My mind is always working on ways to keep my 7-month-old entertained. Especially now, when evenings are becoming darker and walking Coco (yup, we walk for hours and she just loves looking around and watching Coco chase squirrels and run after the ball and playing peek-a-boo in the pram) is not an option after 6PM. And, voila, another fun activity to enjoy together – glow sticks!

These are fab! We drew the curtains (we have a street lamp right outside our living room window) and cracked the glow sticks. The look on Ellie’s face was adorable 🙂

Tip: if your baby is sitting up on his own, have a ‘glowing bath adventure’! Just drop the glow sticks into the bath water, turn off the lights and have fun!


Next Tutorial Sneak Peek


Meet Lola the Whale (yup, it’s a she and I named her Lola 😀 )

Had to share this! While I was making another hat I came up with the idea of making the toy versions of characters of one of our favorite books – The Snail & The Whale by Julia Donaldson (yes, I love her books!). So here is a sneak peek of the next tutorial I will be posting (hopefully this weekend). The Whale is ready, on to the snail!

P.S. This is going to be a 2in1, and not to give away too much but the snail will be attachable to the whales tail! 🙂


Icky-Yucky Slime DIY

Thinking about what other fun stuff we could do I decided to get messy this time and make the icky cornflour slime! 🙂

What you will need:

– cornflour

– water

– bowl

– food dye (optional)
Mix the cornflour and water in the bowl (ratio 2:1). (Tip: if you add too much water just add another bit of cornflour. Besides, it’s fun to see how the consistency and properties of this slimy goop change by adding more water/cornflour. Great for older babies/toddlers to experiment when they can add the ingredients themselves.) It’s that easy 🙂 If you want colorful slime, add a couple of drops of food colorant to the water before mixing it into the cornflour. Your wonderful messy play is ready!

As Ellie does not sit up on her own yet, we poured the goop out onto the highchair tray. She was mesmerized by it. I have to admit that I liked playing with it myself 😀 squishy, messy fun! It has some awesome properties, solid and liquid all at the same time. (Tip: with older babies/toddlers ask them/show them how to make a ball out of the goop as it’s solid and watch it run through their fingers.)

It gets a bit messy, though. Be ready to wash the floor after you are done with it! But the good thing is it’s really easy to clean simply with water. And the best thing about it is that it’s completely natural, non-toxic Nd easy to make. And it’s lots of fun! Just get your hands into it and get messy!

* An idea shared by our fellow Sing&Signer Catherine: try using plastic cookie cutters and a potato masher with the slime! 🙂


Shaun The Sheep Hat Tutorial


I love hats! And baby hats are so cute! Here is the tutorial for Shaun the Sheep hat. Grab your crochet needle and let’s start!


What you will need:

  • white, fluffy yarn
  • black yarn
  • white yarn for the eyes
  • crochet needle
  • a needle large enough for the yarn to sew the parts together

Let’s get started then!

1) Depending on the age of your baby/toddler/child you will need to make the top of the hat using the fluffy, white yarn. To do that, first of all measure the circumference of the child’s head and divide it by 3.14, this will tell you how large of a ‘pancake’ you need to crochet for the top of the hat. Here is the pattern to follow.


Ellie’s 6 months and her head circumference is 42cm so I made the top of the hat 13cm large.

2) When you are happy with your ‘pancake’, continue with the white, fluffy yarn for another 2/3 rows of double stitches.

3) Now switch to the black yarn and continue all the way until the bottom of the hat. I used the single stitch for the black yarn. Try on the hat and see how low you want it to go. When it reaches just above the eyebrow line it’s time to go to the next step.

4) Now mark the exact spot at the temples, this is where the ‘ears’ of the hat will begin. You can fold the hat in two and just mark 2-2,5 cm from each side. The part in the middle will be the front of the hat. Leave the front and crochet single stitch row from one marker till the next then turn the hat and crochet the other way. Depending on the thickness of the yarn you will need to crochet other  3-4 rows (marker to marker only, leaving the front as it is). The back should reach the top of the neck.

5) Now on to the ‘ears’. From the end of the row crochet about 12 single stitches (depending on the width of the ‘ear’) and turn the hat, crochet the other way, reducing the stitches on each end. Repeat until the desired length of the ‘ear’.

6) Do the same for the other side.

7) Finish it off with the reverse stitch all around the edge of the hat to make it prettier.

8) Now onto the eyes and ears. For the eyes you will need to crochet two circles, using the white yarn, and two, using the black for the pupils. Depending on the thickness of the yarn, see how many rows you will need for each circle. The pattern is simple:

  1. Make a slipknot and 6 single stitches into it, tighten.
  2. Crochet 2 chain stitches and then  1 single stitch into the same loop. Continue with 2 single stitches all around and unite into the second chain stitch in the beginning of the row.
  3. Again 2 chain stitches and then 2 single stitches into the next loop; this row will consist of 1 single stitch and then 2 single stitches into the same loop.
  4. 2 chain stitches and 1 single stitch into the next loop, followed by 2 single stitches into the next loop. So it’s 2 single stitches and then 2 single stitches into the same loop.
  5. Continue doing the same, adding one more single stitch each time. (i.e. 3 single + 2 into the same loop, 4 single + 2 into the same and so on).

9) Sew the eyes together and add the ‘shine’ to the pupils. Sew them onto the hat.

10) The ears of the sheep:

  1. Make a foundation chain of 6 loops and unite the last stitch into the slipknot.
  2. Crochet 2 chain stitches and then 5 single stitches, unite into the 2nd chain stitch. Continue for 1/2 of the length of the ear. (Depending on the yarn and how loose you crochet)
  3. Now let’s start adding the width to the ear. Always start the row with 2 chain stitches. Now fold the ear flat and each time you hit the side of the ear add 2 single stitches into the same loop. The again a row without additions, followed by another row with additions (1st row 6 loops, 2nd 8 loops, 3rd 8 loops, 4th 10 loops and so on. Just count the rows. Depending on the yarn you use it will be approximately 14-16 loops for the widest part of the ear.
  4. When you reach the desired width of the ear, do another 2 rows without additions and then start reducing the loops (again on each side of the ear). Do 2-3 reduction rows and then finish the ear, avoiding creating a sharp tip.

11) Make the other ear and stitch them onto the hat.

And now you have it, Shaun the Sheep hat!


Mama&Baby Matching Scarves

Autumn’s here and what can be better than matching scarves for mama and baby? So I have decided to share the tutorial for these cute matching scarves for mama and baby.20161017_152316

Here’s the tutorial:

You will need:

  • a pair of scissors
  • some pin needles
  • a needle
  • a snap press and 3 snaps
  • a matching color thread
  • a square scarf

And, of course, you need a baby! 😀
20161017_0924371. Fold the scarf in half and cut it into two rectangles.20161017_0938222. Use the bib pattern (I used this one). As the scarf I used had tassels, I folded the corner of it in half when cutting out the front part of the pattern so as to keep the tassels at the bottom of the baby scarf. If you do not want any tassels (or do not have them on your scarf) just make sure that you fold the fabric in two before cutting it out.


Pattern – Front


Pattern – Back

3. Cut out the front and the back of the baby scarf. The bigger part will be the front. (Tip: As all the scarves are usually the same on both sides it does not matter which is the right side when sewing the parts together.)20161017_094934

4. Put the two sides together pleating where necessary. If you also have tassels on your scarf, before putting both parts together make sure you fold them in so when you sew the scarf together and turn it right side out the tassels are there.





5. Sew all around the border, leaving a small opening to turn the scarf right side out. Then close the opening. Put the snaps! Baby scarf is ready!20161017_1450286. Now let’s make the mommy scarf. This is very simple. Fold the other rectangle you have in two and sew together the upper part.20161017_1512557. Now fold the corner (in the pic above it’s the top right one, the one where one side is a fold of the fabric and the other is the stitch) but do not fold it all the way to the other corner, leave some 7-10 cm between the two. Then fold the other corner over. You will end up with a triangle. See the pic where to put the snaps to keep the scarf together.

Voila! You have finished the second scarf!


Ellie and me showing off our new scarves! 🙂 Hope you will enjoy wearing yours!