Mama&Baby Matching Scarves

Autumn’s here and what can be better than matching scarves for mama and baby? So I have decided to share the tutorial for these cute matching scarves for mama and baby.20161017_152316

Here’s the tutorial:

You will need:

  • a pair of scissors
  • some pin needles
  • a needle
  • a snap press and 3 snaps
  • a matching color thread
  • a square scarf

And, of course, you need a baby! 😀
20161017_0924371. Fold the scarf in half and cut it into two rectangles.20161017_0938222. Use the bib pattern (I used this one). As the scarf I used had tassels, I folded the corner of it in half when cutting out the front part of the pattern so as to keep the tassels at the bottom of the baby scarf. If you do not want any tassels (or do not have them on your scarf) just make sure that you fold the fabric in two before cutting it out.


Pattern – Front


Pattern – Back

3. Cut out the front and the back of the baby scarf. The bigger part will be the front. (Tip: As all the scarves are usually the same on both sides it does not matter which is the right side when sewing the parts together.)20161017_094934

4. Put the two sides together pleating where necessary. If you also have tassels on your scarf, before putting both parts together make sure you fold them in so when you sew the scarf together and turn it right side out the tassels are there.





5. Sew all around the border, leaving a small opening to turn the scarf right side out. Then close the opening. Put the snaps! Baby scarf is ready!20161017_1450286. Now let’s make the mommy scarf. This is very simple. Fold the other rectangle you have in two and sew together the upper part.20161017_1512557. Now fold the corner (in the pic above it’s the top right one, the one where one side is a fold of the fabric and the other is the stitch) but do not fold it all the way to the other corner, leave some 7-10 cm between the two. Then fold the other corner over. You will end up with a triangle. See the pic where to put the snaps to keep the scarf together.

Voila! You have finished the second scarf!


Ellie and me showing off our new scarves! 🙂 Hope you will enjoy wearing yours!


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