Icky-Yucky Slime DIY

Thinking about what other fun stuff we could do I decided to get messy this time and make the icky cornflour slime! 🙂

What you will need:

– cornflour

– water

– bowl

– food dye (optional)
Mix the cornflour and water in the bowl (ratio 2:1). (Tip: if you add too much water just add another bit of cornflour. Besides, it’s fun to see how the consistency and properties of this slimy goop change by adding more water/cornflour. Great for older babies/toddlers to experiment when they can add the ingredients themselves.) It’s that easy 🙂 If you want colorful slime, add a couple of drops of food colorant to the water before mixing it into the cornflour. Your wonderful messy play is ready!

As Ellie does not sit up on her own yet, we poured the goop out onto the highchair tray. She was mesmerized by it. I have to admit that I liked playing with it myself 😀 squishy, messy fun! It has some awesome properties, solid and liquid all at the same time. (Tip: with older babies/toddlers ask them/show them how to make a ball out of the goop as it’s solid and watch it run through their fingers.)

It gets a bit messy, though. Be ready to wash the floor after you are done with it! But the good thing is it’s really easy to clean simply with water. And the best thing about it is that it’s completely natural, non-toxic Nd easy to make. And it’s lots of fun! Just get your hands into it and get messy!

* An idea shared by our fellow Sing&Signer Catherine: try using plastic cookie cutters and a potato masher with the slime! 🙂


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