Panda hat! Now how about that!

Here is another fluffy hat tutorial! This time it’s a panda bear.


What you will need:

  1. White fluffy yarn.
  2. Black yarn.
  3. White plain yarn for the eyes.

Let’s start by measuring the baby’s head. Divide the circumference by 3.14, this is the diameter of the ‘pancake’ that will be the top of the hat.

Then continue with double stitch for the whole length of the hat. This is our base. Now, if you want to add ‘ears’ then

Now, if you want to add ‘ears’ then fold the hat in two and mark the places you want the ear flaps to start. It’s best to try the hat on, start at the temples. Do another row of double stitches from one marker to the other one, turn the hat and do the same in the other direction.

When you reach the other end, make only two chain stitches (remember, we always begin a row with 3 chain stitches) instead of three and make another 11 double stitches and in the next two do a reduction (crochet two double stitches into one). Turn the hat and, again, two chain stitches and another 10 double stitches and the last two – a reduction. I did only two rows for the ear flaps but you can make them as long as you wish.

When you are done with one ear, change to the other side (Tip: I did single stitches all around the hat to get to the other ear without cutting the thread.). Repeat the same amount of rows with the reductions as you did for the first one.

Now change the yarn and do a single stitch all around for that pretty black edge. Add tassels and braid them 🙂 There you go, now you have the base for our panda!

Now to make the eyes and nose. Crochet an oval for the eyes, using the black yarn. Depending on how heavy your black yarn is, do as many rows as necessary. See the pattern below.

For the eyes use this pattern (white yarn).

Now see how the whole thing looks on the hat and sew the two details together and add the pupils with the black yarn (I used a large needle and just sewed the pupils on).

Use a large needle and the black yarn and make the nose. Sew the eyes onto the hat. Add some white shine to the eyes and the nose. Almost done!

Now, using the pattern for a circle (see above), make two circles for the ears. Again, depending on how heavy your black yarn is, make as many rows as necessary. For the last row, fold the ear in two and crochet all around the edge so as to make a closed half-circle.

Make two of those.

Mark the place where you want your ears to be located and just sew them on. Ta-da! Your panda is ready! Enjoy!


And as usual, here’s Ellie in her fluffy new hat!


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