Updates and new sketches

Yesterday was a long day. Stefano was working the late shift so it was just me, Ellie, Coco and Chloe. We went to Joe Jingles and Ellie is finally crawling instead of shuffling like a wounded soldier 🙂


But here are some updates about the picture book.

New sketches! Yay! Stayed up last night but it was so worth it.

Now I know how Bear will look like! And I have decided how I want my characters to look as well. And, yes, the moon. I have been thinking about how to draw it. Well, it will be flat 😀 Why not, right? I also have some ideas about the way I want it to stay in the sky when the animals do place it back. Some of those involve a scotch tape or a pin. But we will see.

And another thing that I was brainstorming yesterday (while feeding Ellie…) was the way the animals would call the next one to help. And this is where the big red phone comes in.

I’ve got some idea about half of the storyboard, but I doubt it will stay as I have imagined it.

And two more things – my bear lives in a treehouse, yup, a tree that is a house; and the mouse rides a tricycle! Phew, so many things… 😀 except for two other stories that I came up with in the past couple of days, this is it for now (One of the stories is called Ellie and the Mushroom Thief and the other one is There is a Dragon in the House!).

Let me what you think about the sketches!




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